Employee Benefits

  1. Inexpensive: One-time $25 fee and flexible interest rates.
  2. Convenient payroll deduction
  3. Simple to apply online, anytime
  4. Simple approval: No credit checks or collateral required
  5. Funds wired directly into employee bank account
  6. Access your account anytime
  7. No prepayment penalty

Employer Benefits

  1. Smart and innovative employee benefit that may increase productivity, workplace morale, and employee retention
  2. No more time dedicated to managing, documenting and administering of salary  advances requests
  3. Reduces costs of paycheck advances and loans to employees
  4. Reduces costs of employee financial stress
  5. Reduces costs of employee time spent dealing with financial problems at work.
  6. Loan program is easy to administer
  7. Employee may apply for loan after working hours

Companies that currently offer salary advances to their employees have to contend with the hassle of processing these transactions for their employees.  This takes up valuable time for the Accounting/Payroll and HR departments and cuts into the company’s available cash flow and offer in its stead an easy, convenient, affordable loan solution.