The Company

TCI Payday Loans Ltd. is a newly established micro lender providing short term financing to meet emergency needs.

We look forward to your business and your feedback that we may effectively meet you where your needs are.

Our Mission

We are a dedicated team of professionals, both determined and driven to provide our valued customers with excellent service throughout their experience with TCI PayDay Loans Ltd. By using our knowledge of the finance industry, we will assist our customers in any way possible in an affordable way to ensure their complete satisfaction.


TCI PayDay Loans Ltd. is committed to making a positive difference in the financial lives of our customers and in the community we serve. Our desire is to be the financial institution that our customers choose first, use the most and can rely on for their immediate financial needs.

What can you borrow for?

  1. Short on cash for the pay period
  2. Emergency Expenses such as:
    • Auto Repair Expenses
    • Educational Expenses
    • Medical Expenses
    • Personal Expenses

Please speak to one of our dedicated loan professionals and we will work you to find the most flexible solution.

What you can count on?

  1. Personalized service
  2. Fast approvals and disbursement
  3. Term role over /extension
  4. Flexible repayment options
  5. Confidentiality